Update from Class Chairman followed by Racing and Training in November

Update From The Feva Class Chairman

It is three months since my chance meeting in Medemblik with Mr Webster where he convinced me of the benefits of becoming Chairman of the RS Feva Association.

“You don’t have to do anything” he said, “it is easy” he said, “Lucy does everything” he said.  Well one thing he got right, Lucy does everything!!

Seriously though, what a great class the RS Feva is; I think epitomised by the race team at Parkstone saying it was the most polite class they had ever had the pleasure of dealing with – well done to all our sailors for behaving in such a way that is noticed by “seasoned veterans” of the sport.

I thought I would give you all up update on what has been going on and invite you all to the committee meeting, which we will hold in the bar at Weymouth after sailing on the Saturday of the Winter Champs (have you all entered yet?).  I am keen that everyone has an opportunity to air their views; Parkstone comment was “great event but too many races for the younger competitors” which is fantastic feedback.

So what has been going on, a quick update:

1). We have formalised the class budgets for 2018 and will be projecting through 2019 to ensure we have a sound financial footing.  You will be pleased to know the finances are in great shape
2). We have made representations to the RYA about continued funding for the class and we were able to tell a brilliant story about how successful the class has become and how our past sailors have so impressively progressed in other classes
3). We have a new sponsor that will give additional funding to the class over the next couple of years, more on that soon
4). We have created a new regional training programme, funded by the class, which is open to all and covers many areas of the UK so please look for info on the website
5). You will hopefully have seen more posts on our website as we try to keep our pages current and report on news
6). We are looking at ways to refresh the website and make it more up to date.  We will happily take advice from any budding web designers

So some good progress on many fronts and your committee and regional representatives continue to work hard for the class.

Now to sailing, we are two Grand Prix down and they offered very varied conditions, light (or very light) in Northampton and strong (or very strong) in Parkstone.  But 14 great races were completed and well done to all the sailors who competed and well done to those who made our two squads.  For those that did not make the squads, look on the website because he have some great open training through the winter.

Unfortunately neither of our squads sailed the first weekend of training, too much wind!!  Hopefully that will change for the next weekend.  We have open training in various places the weekend of the 18/19th November (East coast if you fancy the Costa Del Burnham) and then the Winter Champs on the weekend of the 25/26th in Weymouth/Portland.  It will be great to see as many sailors at our final National Regatta of the year as possible and so please encourage all your club sailors to sign up.

By for now and see you all at Weymouth/Portland if not before.




Hi There

Just when you think the sailing is slowing down a bit and you look at the diary and see all the amazing opportunities the class committee and volunteers have been busy organising for our wonderful RS Feva sailors.

You don’t have to be selected for any squad to have access to great quality coaching weekends. Take a look at the weekend 18/19 November 2017 as a great example when we have Class Open Training in both North and East regions as well as some RYA Scotland organised training.


Northern Region Open Training is being headed up by the RS Feva classes very own RYA National Squad Head Coach Tim Rush and will take place at the home club of some of our very successful RS Feva sailors Leigh and Lowton SC.


East Region Open Training will take place at Royal Corinthian YC home club to our very own 2017 National Champ helm. A great weekend is organised with some superb coaches ready to deliver some great training. A great opportunity to get some practice in on the tidal waters there.


All our Open events are exactly that, open to all who want to take part, whatever your level, all are invited to enter. The class are really wanting to take the Open training to the next level and so your support to help this work is really encouraged and appreciated.


To close the season off we have our RS Feva Winter Championships at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy on 25th and 26th November, this weekend is also open to RS 200s so lots of fun to be had on the water. Entry will go up on 17th November so save yourself £10 and get entered and paid up..


Enough from me though!


See you all in Weymouth!

Lucy Jameson