The day dawned perfectly. 15 – 20 knots and not a concern about the slight rain. The whiff of adrenaline was in the air… or was it the full English breakfast for long-lasting energy – (sorry the coaches may be reading this – porridge and orange juice!). The heavier sailors were looking for revenge after the mugging they had received from the talented but relatively inexperienced (in Feva terms) lightweights. Whilst a number in the current pecking order had survived well the results sheet was looking decidedly odd. Credit where its due though and you don’t get to the front of a nationals fleet without performing in the conditions facing you.

So for some it was drysuits on, most in wetsuits with extra protection, and head out for the 10 o’clock adrenaline fest. That was when IT happened. The sun appeared the day grew hot, the wind dropped and despite some valiant attempts by Arky and Team, the stopper was firmly shoved back in the adrenaline bottle. After two hours Arky sent the sailors ashore to get out of drysuits, drink a load of fluids and generally chill.

Now chilling is something Feva sailors do well. So much so that the occasional PA reminder was required to remind ever so subtly that certain activities surrounding youthful mayhem were actually slightly frowned upon. It was at this time that one of the major events of the day occurred. Sophie Williams’ dad Neil was out, cycling in the glorious Dorset countryside when a bump jumped into the way of his bike. At slow speed Neil hit the deck and, but for his helmet, would have been close to brown bread. Helmet completely mangled but his saviour! Arm not looking good though so he and wife Kate (both doctors) went to the local accident department and life being what is ended up with Kate sewing Neil up. Got to say that after the initial reports it was brilliant to see him back in one piece later on, Moral of this story? Wear your helmets! It’s not just high speed crashes that are dangerous…

Anyway, back to yachting related matters. There wasn’t any – yet – but with a last start deadline of 4pm approaching a zephyr was detected. The Zephyr not only stayed but build up to a whacking 4-6 knots. The GBR ISAF worlds youth squad was able to chase the wind around the harbour and get some useful practice in (nice one Steve (Irish) – coach – for getting it on!). So 72 Fevas launched (actually it was 71 as one of the Guernsey boats had the clarity of foresight and cleared of for an early ferry!). Game on but no prospect of unstoppering the adrenaline – lightweights had smiles breaking out all over the place!

The fleet stuck at it, the race officer stuck at it, the spectators stuck at it, the live tracking was stuck at it, Aeolius though must have been at the ambrosial nectar ( look that one up kids – two different references in that one!). I believe that 3 separate race courses were set in the last hour before the end but each time the wind shifted between 90 and 180 degrees. So having tried really hard, and everyone from sailors to race officials team to parents been incredibly patient, the results from the previous day were going to stand save for the one undecided protest.

A slight delay to the prizegiving occurred as a result of the protest being heard but there was a fairly timely departure for most. So what of the weekend? General impressions first and then a run down of the winners.

The sailing was light but the results had to be fair on balance for the conditions that prevailed. You had to feel sorry for the boats that dipped out for no fault of their own like Ollie Cooper & Callum Ellis (there were of course others but one example should suffice). They suffered badly from there not being a discard in the gold series, as they had been hooked between shroud and mast by the boom of an over-optimistic interloper at the start of the only gold fleet race and taken a while to untangle. The miscreants very fairly accepted their wrong very quickly and went and did their turns. For the poor old victims though the way to the front, from their unexpected and undeserved position, was blocked by the conditions and distance lost. So having qualified in 6th place or so, 20th overall was the final position.

The venue was positively as close as you could get to mid spring Mediterranean as it is possible to get in this country. With the fantastic new paved area and slip ways in front of the hangar, with the balconies allowing for gentle relaxation, with the Fireballs doing their second day of gentle boat bumbling it was more Monaco or Barcelona than Dorset!

The socials were awesome – not all of the socialising was organised but the BBQ was perfectly splendid, the chucking balls around was athletic, the being towed on two scooters simultaneously was death defying, I must have missed the unicycle special, the Wii was great but the biscuit was taken by the 6 radio controlled cars that had the racecourse set out inside the hangar absolutely humming. Simply brilliant Jon – thank you. We can always rely on Jon’s lateral thinking to give us the most amazing fun.

A little farewell then before the end. Tim & Chris won’t be back other than perhaps occasionally as assistant coaches so good luck to both of them with Tim being first up at the 420 worlds the same week as the Feva Europeans on the same lake! I don’t think Libby Watkins and Abbie Heathcote are able to make Garda so a 15th overall is a nice way to bow out – go for it girls! Meg Fletcher & Hannah Eskritt are I think going on to RS200’s at Scaling Dam and up north – have fun! But I think we’ll be seeing more of all others yet – so till next time!

Many, many thanks to all those helpers and sponsors who made it all possible, Sekonda Watches in particular and David Merriman for saying some gracious words and handing out the prizes.

There were some dark satanic mills in operation though known as rumour mills. These are never worth listening to but to set any records straight that need setting straight here we go. It is true that, as every year, we review training after the Squad training season finishes (last weekend for those not in the know). It is true that the RYA support our efforts. It is true that we have applied to the RYA to look at our class status in the Junior training world. It is true that we are in discussions with the RYA about our training and how we might improve it even more given that our training has improved on an annual basis since we first doing squad training and is now as good as any going. It is true that we are seeking to improve even more, yet again. It is NOT true that any decisions have as yet been made. But it is true that when decisions are made as to how we can improve you will all be amongst the first to know as I am incredibly proud of what and how we do things and I’ll be wanting, as ever to shout from the roof tops about any improvements we can make. Until we have come to those decisions though, please do not listen to any rumours though as I can guarantee that as far as Feva Training is concerned – they are all guesses. We do hope to have been able to have made decisions by the HISC Grand Prix meeting but I hope that I’m not holding myself as a hostage to fortune by saying that.

Overall Results:

Merit awards:

  • Kellie Carmichael & Emily McCall for being our first genuine Scottish competitors to make the journey to the nationals, in their case all the way from Annandale SC.
  • Molly & Ruby Griffin for doing their first training session at Draycote only two weeks ago, deciding to come to the nationals and hitting their target of finishing every race.
  • Adam & Lisa Kay for being the best turned out in team kit, even down to matching sunglasses

Best Club: HISC

Families: (meaning an adult with a child – sorry Peters girls 14th overall!)
1. Debbie & Tommy Darling (HISC)
2. Peter & James Curtis (Island Barn)
3. Graham & Matthew Beck (Guernsey)

Juniors: (both helm and crew under 13 on first day of event)
1. Owen Bowerman & Charlie Darling (HISC)
2. Robert Baddeley & James Taylor (Burghfield)
3. Niall Houston & Syd Mclean (HISC)

Ladies: (both 17 or under on first day of event)
1. Cathy Lear & Francine Counsell (Oakham School/Rutland)
2. Eilidh McIntyre & Vikki Payne (HISC/Emsworth)
3. Steph Harding & Kat Colvin (Hollowell)

Gold Fleet


Pos Sail No Helm Crew Club Q1 R2 Pts
1st 2686 Tim Gratton Chris Taylor Hayling Island SC 2 1 3
2nd 1 Debbie Darling Tommy Darling Hayling Island SC 3 4 7
3rd 3105 Owen Bowerman Charlie Darling Hayling Island SC 6 2 8
4th 2915 Cathy Lear Francine Counsell Oakham / Rutland SC 5 5 10
5th 1226 Will Lowes Hugo Tucker Whitstable YC 3 8 11
6th 3307 Robert Baddeley James Taylor Burghfield SC 6 6 12
7th 380 Niall Houston Syd Mclean Hayling Island SC 10 3 13
8th 1518 Peter Curtis James Curtis Island Barn SC 7 9 16
9th 3000 Hugo Jones-Warner James Poyner Hayling Island SC 14 7 21
10th 576 Will Acres Ed Bowman Emsworth SC 15 10 25
11th 3030 Eilidh McIntyre Victoria Payne Hayling Island SC / Emsworth SC 15 11 26
12th 1671 Jessica Lavery Georgie Mothersele Emsworth SC 8 19 27
13th 3100 Stephanie Harding Katherine Colvin Hollowell SC 12 15 27
14th 3184 Suzy Peters Emily Peters Hayling Island SC 16 14 30
15th 839 Libby Watkins Abbie Heathcote Dabchicks SC / West Mersea YC 20 12 32
16th 2821 Jack Hawkins Chris Thomas Restronguet SC 16 16 32
17th 655 Tim Norris Mollie Knowlden Warsash SC 20 13 33
18th 3027 Ben Davies Tristen Ellis Aldeburgh YC 13 22 35
19th 2574 Charlie Warren Harry Derbyshire Emsworth SC 15 20 35
20th 2215 Ollie Cooper Callum Ellis Wraysbury Lake SC 6 30 36
21st 2920 Alice Kent Lucy Childs Oakham / Rutland SC 13 27 40
22nd 2600 Ruth Allan Tess Allan Emsworth SC 16 24 40
23rd 1918 Robert Loveridge Emma Loveridge Draycote Water SC 16 25 41
24th 365 Amber Brown Jamie Brown Burghfield SC 25 17 42
25th 2837 Alexandra Orton Stephanie Orton Chichester YC 13 31 44
26th 1404 Robert Morris Rebecca Morris Shropshire SC 27 18 45
27th 3120 Alex Curtis Andrew Clarke Queen Mary SC 25 21 46
28th 3383 Graham Beck Matthew Beck Guernsey YC 25 23 48
29th 1465 Alison Grennan Ellie Gaddes Delph SC 23 28 51
30th 3098 Adam Goddard Hannah Rickards Guernsey YC 25 26 51
31st 1664 Harry Bowerman Cameron Stewart Hayling Island SC 20 32 52
32nd 1140 Rebecca Anthony Finbar Preston Emsworth SC 25 29 54
33rd 3360 Jemima Lawson Morgan Dibb Emsworth SC / Warsash SC 28 33 61
34th 1799 George Shelley Edward Shelley Shropshire SC 26 36 62
35th 2582 Toby Hodge Abbie Page Chichester YC 27 35 62
36th 2416 Robert Masterman Tom Stewart Hayling Island SC 29 34 63

Silver Fleet


Pos Sail No Helm Crew Club Q1 R1 Pts
1st 2617 Jacob Barnett Emma Barnett Royal Torbay YC 33 4 37
2nd 3018 Tristan Bracegirdle Sam Barker Castle Cove SC 38 1 39
3rd 1434 Jim Sowden Jamie Tarrant Highcliffe SC 39 2 41
4th 2890 Joshua Potts Peter Budden Spinnaker Club / Hill Head SC 36 6 42
5th 1800 Meghan Fletcher Hannah Eskritt Scaling Dam SC 31 13 44
6th 3075 Abigail Tanguy Clare Chapple Guernsey YC 49 3 52
7th 2587 Adam Kay Lisa Kay Warsash SC 41 11 52
8th 1307 Tom Johnson Tom Neate Oakham / Rutland SC 37 16 53
9th 3066 Morgan Peach david Mckinlay Royal Torbay Yacht Club 45 10 55
10th 3357 Matilda Dolin William Dolin Burghfield SC 38 17 55
11th 2045 Emily Nagel Sarah Kent Oakham / Rutland SC 37 20 57
12th 524 Edward Condor Edward Panek Gurnard SC 49 9 58
13th 3001 Sophie Andrews Alice Masterman Hayling Island SC 44 14 58
14th 1768 Sarah Hussey Esme Jones Royal Torbay YC 55 5 60
15th 2995 Gemma Bird Rafaella Quinton Hayling Island SC 31 30 61
16th 1250 Jovian Short James Barlow Royal Torbay YC 51 12 63
17th 843 Steph Webber Meadhbh Hogg Hill Head SC 58 7 65
18th 34 Delane Rutter Islay Grant Emsworth 58 8 66
19th 2508 Robert McPherson Herbie Harford Royal Torbay YC 48 18 66
20th 1306 Joe Burgin Angus Inman Oakham / Rutland SC 44 23 67
21st 211 Hester Brisbourne Anna McCormack Shropshire SC 46 24 70
22nd 2883 Molly Gilbert Mollie Lippett Emsworth SC 50 21 71
23rd 3173 Kellie Carmichael Emily McCall Annandale SC 54 19 73
24th 148 Iona Williams Oli Cutbill Hayling Island SC 51 22 73
25th 1525 Oliver Wright Greg Wright Royal Torbay YC 59 15 74
26th 2991 Megan Backhouse Molly Peel Beaver SC / Emsworth SC 47 29 76
27th 2012 Phoebe Warren Tabitha Peel Emsworth SC 46 31 77
28th 1838 Jenny Boyd Isabel Scruby Oakham / Rutland SC 54 28 82
29th 1839 Ed Lewis Toni Duffy Oakham / Rutland SC 57 27 84
30th 1829 Beth Garland Lewis Garland Emsworth Slipper SC 51 34 85
31st 571 Lilly Summers Zoe Smith Emsworth SC / Emsworth Slipper SC 54 32 86
32nd 1308 Sveta Radionovskaya Misha Radionovsky Oakham / Rutland SC 56 35 91
33rd 3341 Ben Oliver Tom Oliver Calshot SC 67 25 92
34th 1305 Tom Paddock Richard Randall Oakham / Rutland SC 67 26 93
35th 11 Molly Griffin Ruby Griffin Draycote Water SC 61 36 97
36th 2480 Georgina Houston Emily Hine Hayling Island SC 70 33 103

Photo © Mike Rice /