Leigh and Lowton

Another great training weekend was held at Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club with the sailors experiencing the full range of wind conditions throughout the weekend.

Despite the very windy forecast, 20 plus sailors gathered on Saturday morning for the second of the Northern open winter training sessions.

Following a detailed briefing by Dave, everyone got rigged and ready and all the boats set out undaunted by the challenging conditions to go through a session looking at boat control.

Whilst at times the fleet resembled toppling dominos as massive gusts came through knocking boats over all at once everyone had fun. Some of the boats were a little battered and bruised as were the sailors thanks to a freak hail storm!

Sunday morning’s conditions were completely different with the sailors confronted with 2/3 knots of wind and dropping.

As a result, light wind techniques were the order of the day with sailors being reminded by Dave, in his evitable way, that they should be sailing like ballerinas, not moving about the boat like elephants!!!

Following an excellent lunch provided by the Leigh and Lowton’s galley, the sailors had near-perfect sailing conditions for a windward-leeward session focusing on starts, upwind and downwind techniques and it was clear by the end of the weekend that Dave’s coaching approach and techniques were starting to pay off.

Thanks to all those that helped make the weekend run so smoothly and to the members of the Leigh and Lowton sailing club for the use of ribs and training room etc.

The next event is at Beaver Sailing Club on the 20/21 February.