Day 3

Stellar racing conditions yet again for Day 3, Blazing sunshine but with a little less wind than the day before. Today was the day The Port Dinorwic Duo really shined…. 

Race 7 – Ben Greenhalgh and Tom Sinfield from Port Dinorwic Sailing Club took the first win of the day. 2nd place was claimed by brothers Joe and Sam Armstrong Rowland from Hayling Island Sailing Club. 3rd place was Max Rawlinson and Edie Johnson from Roa Island Boat Club.

Race 8 – Ben and Tom from Port Dinorwic Sailing Club took their second win of the day, with Alec Stanley and Ethan Hill from Hayling Island Sailing Club in 2nd, in 3rd being consistent was Max and Edie for the second time of the day.

Race 9 – Three bullets in one day, yes that’s right, in 1st place was Ben and Tom! Ed Stubbs and Bruno Greenfield from Lyme Regis Sailing Club claimed 2nd place and in 3rd was Ben Tylecote and Charmelia Caldecott from Rutland Sailing Club.


UK RS Feva National Championships 2023

1st  – 8600 Ben Greenhalgh  & Tom Sinfield – 1-1-(6)-1(4)-1-1-1-1 – 7pts

2nd – 7070 Ed Stubbs & Bruno Greenfield – 5-5-1-(12)-1-1-2-(18)-10-5 – 22pts

3rd – 6264 Ffion Bailey & Megan Gowers – 3-4-(21)-1-1-2-(18)-10-5 – 26pts

4th – Joe & Sam Armstrong Rowland – (26)-1-6-3-5-9-2-(11)-4 – 30pts

5th – 2422 Ben Tylecote & Charmelia Caldecott – 4-6-4-(9)-6-3-4-(8)-3 – 30pts

6th – 89 Max Rawlinson & Edie Johnson – (13)-6-(13)-2-2-6-3-3-12  34pts