Day One 

What a start to the Nationals, nearly reaching one hundred boats the boat park was filled with enthusiastic sailors and glorious sunshine in North Wales. With sailors rigging the excitement was building as the sailors were preparing for their first day of racing. As they made their way to the beach and started to launch there was a blanket of yellow sails covering the bay.

The first two races completed we were on schedule, in the third race had course had to be shortened as the wind started to die off. It was commented that our sailors were respectful and the committee boat received lots of “thank yous” as the sailors finished.

Day Two

From the awakening sailors in campers and tents we slowly but surely saw some wonderful costumes appearing with our Sailors Fancy dress day. The atmosphere was buzzing and sailors were excited to get back on the water. The conditions were wonderful, It was champagne sailing! The sailors had great fun on the water in their costumes and amazingly they stayed on all day! It was commented that our sailors were respectful and the committee boat heard lots of thank yous as the sailors finished.

All sailors raced races 4, 5 and 6, bringing the end to the qualifying flighting. 

At the end of the two days the top ten boats contained sailors from various regions, there were three Welsh boats all from Port Dinorwic SC. Two Boats from the South West including Lyme Regis SC and WPNSA boats, two boats from the North region with those being from Leigh & Lowton SC and Roa Island Boat Club. One Midlands boat from Rutland SC and two Southern boats from Hayling Island SC. All is to play for over the next to days with the sailors now going to be competing in Gold or Silver Fleets.

 UK RS Feva Class 2023 Rooster National Championships Day 1-2 

1st 8600 Ben Greenhalgh and Tom Sinfield -1-1-(6)-1-4-1 – 8pts

2nd 6264 Ffion Bailey and Megan Gowers  -3-4-(21)-1-1-2 – 11pts

3rd 7070 Ed Stubbs and Bruno Greenfield -5-5-1-(10)-2-1 – 14pts

4th  4470 Ben Welfare and Ada Daniels -2-7-4-2-(15)-7 – 22pts

5th 5763 Louis Hiscocks and Nicola Richards -2-2-2-5-(19)-12 23pts

6th 2422 Ben Tylecote and Charmelia -4-6-4-(9)-6-3 – 23pts

Full Results can be found here