RS Feva Training


Now that the selections for the RYA Regional Training Groups have taken place we set our sights to building our own RS Feva Training

Every year the Class Association run a Class National Squad (CNS) alongside the RYA National Junior Squad (UKJS), the purpose of CNS is to ensure that those higher-ranking sailors who fall outside of the RYA Squad selection criteria are supported.

From winter 2020 the RYA changed their training program, changes are positive and should ultimately include more sailors while also reducing the many hours of travel by keeping sailors training in regional groups. As in previous years, we understand that to be eligible for selection to the regional training groups both sailors must be aged under 15 on 31st December of the year of selection although they have been open to taking older sailors.

As a class, we have always had a strong ethos of inclusion and so we know we must do all we can to deliver superb training opportunities for everyone. While the class association wholeheartedly supports the RYA regional training structure we know that there will always be a good number of sailors that will miss out and this can be for a number of reasons.

As you will appreciate the spread of sailors we are highlighting as unsupported by the RYA program are few but also far spread and so to offer a similar regional program would prove unfeasible.

We want to be able to identify which sailors/ teams would be interested in a winter training program delivered by the class association. This program could be similar to previous years with 5-6 weekends throughout the winter at various sailing clubs around the country. As a class, we then work with the lead coach to come up with a support package for any major National and International events. The training is not subsidised, but we work hard to ensure the costs are manageable.

Please could we ask that you complete the questionnaire to allow us to gather as much information as possible for our planning?