Support Persons

RS Feva Class Association – Support Persons.

Support Person is defined as any person who
(a) provides, or may provide, physical or advisory support to a competitor,
including coach, trainer, manager, team staff, medic, paramedic or any other
person working with, treating or assisting a competitor in or preparing for the
competition, or
(b) is the parent or guardian of a competitor.

A support person shall give all possible help to any person or vessel in danger.
A support person by providing support, or a parent or guardian by permitting their
child to enter a race, agrees to accept the rules.
Each competitor and boat owner agrees, on behalf of their support persons, that
such support persons are bound by the rules.

RRS Rule 64.5 (Decisions Concerning Support Persons) will be used:

(a) When the protest committee decides that a support person who is a party to
a hearing under rule 60.3(d)* or rule 69 (Misconduct) has broken a rule, it
1) issue a warning

2) exclude the person from the event or venue or remove any privileges or
benefits, or

3) take other action within its jurisdiction as provided by the rules.

(b) The protest committee may also penalize a boat that is a party to a hearing
under rule 60.3(d) or 69 for the breach of a rule by a support person by
changing the boats’ score in a single race, up to and including disqualification.

This means that if a support person is deemed by the protest committee to have
broken RRS Rule 69 (Misconduct), then a penalty can be carried by the boat that
support person is supporting.

*RRS Rule 60.3 A protest committee may
(d) call a hearing to consider whether a support person has broken a rule, based on
its own observation or information received from any source, including evidence
taken during a hearing.